About Us

Welcome to Bombshell Boss Boutique, your e-boutique fashion brand destination dedicated to making you look + feel like the BOSS by any means necessary!
How Bombshell Boss Boutique was born…
It all started April 2017, when Gina was fulfilling her duties as a Learning Community Coordinator, otherwise known as a dorm mom! She just got finished delivering the sold-out dorm apparel she created for her residents for an upcoming event. Suddenly two of her residents frantically stopped her to tell her how many compliments they received and how amazing they felt wearing the apparel and accessories she made. The feeling of hearing this news was something words could not explain. And it was at that moment Gina knew it was destined for her to put that extraordinary creativity and fashion merchandising degree to use. She then realized it was her purpose to empower others through fashion. So that day, Gina’s “one day” became “day one” and the rest is history.
“I wanted to create a brand where women can look + feel confident in their own skin. Everyone deserves to feel like the shi*! Trust and believe a woman who knows her worth & beauty cannot be stopped!”
At Bombshell Boss Boutique it is our mission to cultivate a community that allows women to express their true beauty, exude self-confidence and be the boss of their lives by any means necessary. We believe every woman thrives at her greatest potential when she looks + feels her best inside & out. We understand our success depends on listening, understanding, and catering to our Bombshell Bosses!
What the heck is a Bombshell Boss?!
A Bombshell Boss is a bada$$, fearless woman who believes in her abilities, talents and inner beauty. This energy is pure and contagious and emits a vibe that can’t be touched or disrupted. This collection of women support one another’s dopeness and belong to the community that goes by the name of the #BombshellBrigade. Need we say more?!?